As your baby graduates to the Toddler group he/she will have all the facilities which are essential to their continued growth and development and the Spraoi curriculum designed for their age and ability.

The staff; child ratio for children between 24 and 36 months is 1:6, with an exception for sessional activities where larger groups may join for a short time to engage in a particular programme of activities at a ratio of 1:11 (over the age of 30 months only).

It is well recognised that the environment plays a key role in supporting and extending children’s development and learning and at Spraoi we strive to create an environment which, in conjunction to the child’s primary careers, enables just that.

Our curriculum supports children’s learning through planned play and extending and developing children’s spontaneous play. Although Early Learning is always subject to the child’s individual stage of development at Spraoi we aim to develop:

• Personal, social and emotional skills
• Communication, language and literacy
• Problem solving, numeracy and reasoning
• Knowledge and understanding of the world
• Physical & Creative development

At this age they’re ready for a little more structure and new challenges as well as free play and rest periods.

As your child discovers their own independence, we encourage and guide them to further develop their confidence, their intellectual, social and emotional development as they explore their environment. We place a strong focus on linguistic development through activities like songs, role play etc.

We work closely with parents around toilet training etc. as your child prepares for the first year of their pre-school experience.

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