It is our policy to serve food, nutritionist approved.

A HACCP System is implemented within the centre. HACCP stands for Hazardous Analysis Critical Control Points – meaning anything potentially dangerous in cooking and preparing food have been identified and are monitored accordingly.

All food is bought from reputable suppliers. All our meat is 100% Irish and prepared by our Chef.

All staff handling food have been trained in food hygiene skills and practices.

Meals and Snacks are balanced to contain all the necessary food groups. We have a 2-3 week rotating menu which includes 10-15 main meal/dinner options to ensure that there is lots of variety.

Children are encouraged to try a range of tastes, colours and texture within foods.

Menus and allergens are posted in our centres in advance so that any issues can be identified.

Water is always provided to children.

Parents will be advised if their child is not eating properly and we will develop a plan to ensue that this is remedied in the most positive way for your child.

Special dietary needs are catered for. Parents are required to provide as much information as possible to the service regarding the child’s dietary needs.

Children are encouraged to self-feed to help develop their independence at the earliest possible stage.

Staff will sit with the children to encourage good manners and good eating habits.

The 14 most common allergens will be published in relation to the meals prepared by the service for consumption by the children attending.



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