At Spraoi our curriculum follows the Aistear Aims and Learning Goals and the Síolta Principles. We link each activity to the four main themes under the following headings, ‘Exploring and Thinking’, ‘Identity and Belonging’, ‘Communicating’ and ‘Well Being’.

Our learning is play based and we are child led in our approach. This means that we take our cues from the children’s expressions of interest and we aim to develop the children’s learning experiences through interaction while they are at play.

Our rooms are laid out to encourage independence and the children have a choice in what areas of the room they interact with. The key areas are rest and relaxation, home, construction, sand and water play and imaginary play.

As part of our day to day experience we encourage safe risk taking and we have introduced elements like our outdoor climbing frames to meet this goal. We have introduced areas within each setting to reflect the children’s interests, for example, farms and tractors, dolls houses and fire trucks.

We are conscious of the community in which we are located and we encourage parents and local professionals to get involved in our toddler and pre-school learning experience each year. This can include inviting a Garda or fireman etc. in to meet our children and allow the children to ask questions and learn about the community in which they live.

We are ever aware of the changing ethnic environment in which we live and we dedicate time in our curriculum to learning about the various types of families and cultures around us.

Each week we have a different topic for the children’s learning experience and we aim to encourage learning using these themes in an enjoyable way.

We encourage independence by encouraging the children to take on tasks like dressing as soon as they are able and work these learning experiences into our curriculum.

Each week we display a learning plan for each age group, and this dictates the skeleton of our day to day experiences but we leave flexibility to develop the children’s own ideas.

Our curriculum is emergent in nature in that our focus is on being responsive to children’s interests to create meaningful learning experiences.

The primary aim and purpose of our curriculum is to encourage all of the children to become confident and competent young learners through age and stage appropriate activities.

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