All babies are cared for in our specially designed nurseries.
There is a very high ratio of staff of 3:1, allowing us to provide the level of attention that all babies need.

Prior to starting at the centre, your carer will discuss your baby’s care plan with you to ensure a smooth transition from home to the service. Regular discussion with the carer is essential to ensure the optimum care.

• Daily records will be kept for all babies and infants. We have an interactive app which provides parents with real time updates on your child.

• Prior to commencing at the service we ask parents to provide a written routine and to complete a Child Profile/Getting to know me form.

• Parents provide baby’s formula/milk on a daily basis. Nappies, wipes, cream, powder and other individual supplies will be stored in your child’s individual basket to prevent any cross contamination and staff will notify you when supplies are low.

• We have a separate heat monitored sleep room for our babies. There is a viewing panel on the door/window of each sleep room and children are physically checked every 10 minutes whilst sleeping and a record is kept of each sleep check. We provide cot linen which is laundered on the premises on a weekly basis.

• Our curriculum is tailored to provide sensory simulation and engagement for children as they are learning all the time at this age.

Our infants move between the baby and toddler room as they grow and mature so that their individual needs are met.


The staff; child ratio for our wobbler groups is 1:5.

Your child will move from the Nursery into the Wobbler room between 12 and 15 months of age when they are ready for the transition. We generally prepare children for this change through gradual introduction to the staff member and the new physical environment. Parents and carers will discuss this change in advance to be well prepare for the change.

Children learn much through emulating others and watching older children so their development is aided by being around children who are a few months older.

In this room they will learn to walk and develop their co-ordination skills and spend most of their day experimenting and exploring. Every day is action packed with exciting child initiated activities designed to nurture their development.

The daily activities include large movement activities that develop children’s balance and gross motor skills, all types of art, water and messy play, dressing up, garden time, tumble tots, singing, dancing and early language activities.

All our activities help to promote children’s communication and social skills while encouraging sensory and language development.

To the children it’s just lots of fun, and comes from our belief that learning is literally, child’s play.

Parents and careers enjoy a continuous and ongoing dialogue. Together with written observations, our interactive app and meetings to ensure a meaningful dialogue between home and crèche, your child’s development and growth is supported through communication.

We encourage social development by everyday sitting with the children in a circle and sing songs and read stories.

We understand children develop at different stages and staff encourage the children to independently paint and feed themselves.

We have a separate sleep facilities for wobblers and toddlers. There is a viewing panel and children are physically checked every 10 minutes whilst sleeping and these checks are recorded.

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