Spraoi Early Learning Centre offers home-from-home childcare to our children from 6 months of age to 12 years.

Our Nurseries cater for babies from 6 months up to about 12 months, ability and mobility dependent, after which they move to our Wobbler Rooms, where they are presented with more challenging activities to help them grow and mature and get the most from their time at Spraoi.

As our Junior Toddlers graduate to the Senior Toddler group they experience all that our curriculum has to offer from role play and dress up to mark-making skills, singing, dancing, development of gross and fine motor skills through activities like construction materials. We also introduce lots of natural materials as they offer greater opportunities for learning through discovery.

In each setting we have a focus on sensory materials, from dark rooms, tactile surfaces, music etc. We create and encourage safe spaces for children to allow themselves be distracted and engaged in sensory stimulation of all types.

Pre-School traditionally applies to children who are in the final year before attending school or are over 3 years of age. We offer two different pre-school experiences, one tailored to children experiencing pre-school from 2 years and 8 months and one for those children who have already had some experience of pre-school.

We offer a 3 hour intensive session where the children engage with our curriculum which is emergent and child led. We adopt elements of Steiner and Montessori but our curriculum falls under the Aistear framework.

Pre-school affords an independent learning experience which will prepare them for school while still providing a fun experience.

Service Types

At Spraoi centres we offer full-time and part-time day care, before and after school care, pre-schooling and sessional services for all age groups in our purpose designed centres.

All our centres enjoy large, secure outdoor play areas, which are equipped with infant friendly surfaces, climbing equipment, imaginative play equipment and sports and exercise equipment, sensory and natural materials, mark-making materials etc. to stimulate the senses and create an outdoor play room. We believe in bringing the indoors outdoors.

Ever wonder what Spraoi stands for:

  • S is for success, each of us succeed when we reach our individual potential
  • P is for process, the product is irrelevant, the experience of the process stretches growing minds
  • R is for respect, we learn about respect for one another and the environment in which we live
  • A is for articulate, we encourage all voices, small and big to share their experiences and learn from each other
  • O is for ownership, we take ownership of our emergent curriculum, children and carers inspire our everchanging environment
  • I is for individuality, each of us have a different path and are individual and unique. We embrace individuality.


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