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Pre-school starts at approximately three years. Our trained pre-school carer’s develop each child’s reading, writing and numeracy through our extensive curriculum.

Parents will be regularly updated of our learning goals.

At Spraoi, we aim to give children a solid foundation in each area of learning so that they start primary school confident speakers, able listeners, are familiar with words and books, have pre-writing skills and are familiar with letters.

Language is a very important part of our curriculum at Spraoi and we incorporate elements of Irish and French into our day to day learning.

Expression is also an important element of learning and our in-house theatre encourages learning through performance and expression. It helps children grow in confidence while having fun.

We encourage all our children to enjoy the benefits of our large well equipped outdoor area. This allows us to experience nature from tending to our plants and flowers to having some good old fashioned fun outside.

Our Pre-school Curriculum is adapted to meet the needs and ability levels of all of our pre-schoolers, including those attending on the ECCE Scheme. Contact Spraoi for further details on the scheme and participation.