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All babies are cared for in our specially designed baby unit.
There is a very high ratio of staff of 3:1, allowing us to provide the level of attention that all babies need.

Prior to starting at the centre, your carer will discuss your baby’s care plan with you. Regular discussion with the carer is essential to ensure the optimum care.

  • Daily records will be kept for all babies and infants.
  • At Spraoi we recognise that infants and young toddlers are in the sensorimotor phase of development according to Jean Piaget’s theory of cognitive development.
  • Sensorimotor means that infants learn by moving and using all of their senses.
  • It is recommended that infants be presented with at least one focused sensory activity each day.

At Spraoi, cognitive development is encouraged in ways which include:

Teaching of the ‘pincher grasp’ through play with cereal ‘o’s, touch and texture exercises, water play and fingerpainting (with fully edible paint of course!), the feeling basket, mirrors, music as well as exploration of the ball pool.
These essential exercises are entwined in the loving ‘home away from home’ environment which we have created at Spraoi for our infants. Of course, outdoor play also plays a huge part in the care of our infants and with a large outdoor play area, our infants can have free play (weather permitting!) outside on the soft baby friendly mats and equipment.

Our infants move between the baby and toddler room as they grow and mature so that their individual needs are met.

After all the exploration of their day our infants have the exclusive use of their heat monitored sleep room away from the bustle of the centre.